Bilal Irshed Trio is led by Bilal Irshed, a Palestinian-Danish oud virtuoso and composer known for his unique interpretation of Middle Eastern music, as well as an elegant style of playing the oud. 

The trio, formed in 2011, features Bilal Irshed on oud, Rasmus Møldrup on double bass, and Ayi Solomon on percussion. It pays homage to the oud's warm and meditative sound, capturing the essence and beauty of the Orient, while adding a contemporary twist by combining the sound with afro-cuban percussion and the double bass from the Scandinavian jazz tradition. 

In 2011, they released their first album and they recently put out their newest single, “Oriental Waltz”. The trio continues to make waves with their innovative and captivating musical approach and have over the years gained great acclaim for their live performances.